Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Love Letter to Money

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Cory Michelle's Become Money Class on Sunday (www.liveyourjuicylife.com/become-money).  I've had a lot of negative energy and exchanges around money--and I realize a lot of those limiting beliefs are based on past expenditures, beliefs I've held on to that aren't even mine, and viewing my financial status as scarce versus abundant.  How can I expect to attract money if I view it as a negative institution?  Paradigm Shift.  So in order to start my journey into a positive, healthy relationship with money--I decided to write money a long overdue love letter.  Cory posed the question, "If money was your lover, what would you say to it".  So here it goes...

Dear Money,

First I want to apologize to you.  I've been unfair, I've been distant, perhaps I've even been a bit cruel.  I've often said you're the root of all evil, that you shouldn't even exist, that I wish I could survive without you.  No wonder you don't want to show up in my life--I haven't been inviting you in, I've been pushing you away.  I'm here to make things right, Money.  I'm here to tell you I DO love you, I DO cherish you, and I DO want to play with you.  I want to cultivate a loving relationship with you.  I want to show you just how much you mean to me!  

When I have you in my life I feel free, I feel happy, I feel amazing.  And when you're gone I feel sullen and imprisoned.  I promise I won't say such awful things about you anymore.  I've cleared myself of that negativity and now when I see you I'm just so grateful you are here, all of you, any of you that you're willing to give to me.  Whatever you are willing to give, I am here to receive with open arms.  I'm sorry for being fearful of a life without you, I'm sorry for always telling you that you're not enough.  I just want MORE of you! I want to build a forever life with you.  I want us to work together to grow and cultivate more freedom and experiences in our life.  I want you to allow me to show up for you and I only ask in return that you to show up for me.  

Money--I am here.  I am ready.  I am excited to make a commitment to you.  I want you to fully receive me.  Let's build a beautiful relationship together.  Come play.  Come love.  Come into my open arm, I'm ready to receive.  I'm ready and I'm waiting.

Forever Yours